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P&G to abolish phosphates in laundry products in two years

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By TF News Reporter

Procter & Gamble announced Monday that it will eliminate phosphates from all of its laundry detergents within 24 months. The move is expected to make P&G products more competitiveThe move is expected to make P&G products more competitive

This change will apply to brands including Ariel, Tide, Ace and Bonux, providing consumers with superior cleaning performance whilst maximizing the conservation of precious resources.

“Our strong commitment to innovation, research and development has allowed us to improve the performance of our laundry products while also eliminate phosphates,” said Mr  Gianni Ciserani, Group President of Global Fabric and Home Care

“We believe that action speaks louder than words in the area of sustainability. Through hard work and commitment, we are continuously innovating to make it easier to care for the world on wash day.”

P&G has been gradually reducing the consumption of Phosphates since 2005. By the time the above laundry reformulations are fully implemented, P&G will have eliminated close to half a million metric tons per year compared to its peak consumption during calendar year 2005.

“This is just the start of a series of solutions we are developing to make it easier for people to make a small change that can have a positive impact on our world – for a cleaner today and a brighter tomorrow,” Mr Ciserani continued

Len Sauers, Vice President for Global Sustainability at P&G commented: “Our size and scale provide us with a unique opportunity to make a difference when it comes to changing consumer behavior. With this very concrete action of our Fabric Care Business as well as those to follow, we intend to improve the quality of people’s lives today and for generations to come”

In Kenya, Ariel has been in the market since 2009 and currently holds a 23 per cent market share in the detergent category.

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