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  • Kenya smallholder tea farmers earn Sh63.6 billion from tea exports

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Increase budget allocation to agriculture in order to produce enough food, pleads minister Kosgei

By Today Financial News Correspondent

Budget allocation to the agricultural sector should be increased to not less than 13 per cent from next year, Agriculture minister Dr Sally Kosgei has said.Agriculture minister Dr Sally Kosgei wants additional funding in agricultureAgriculture minister Dr Sally Kosgei wants additional funding in agriculture

Dr Kosgei says the government must invest more on agriculture which is the backbone of the country so as to guarantee the people food insecurity and lift millions who depend on the sector out of poverty.

Taskforce on agriculture incentives formed to drive value addition in the sector


By Ben Kinyanjui

The taskforce on agricultural incentives formed to seek ways to add value to agricultural commodities produced in the country has started its work by prioritising commodities to be considered under the programme.Value addition in agricultural commodities would earn more moneyValue addition in agricultural commodities would earn more money

During its first meeting with top officials of the ministry of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030, the members reiterated their commitment to tackle issues that has hindered the value addition process.

Survey of female farmers uncovers numerous challenges

Ms Shelmith Wanjiru Kuria leans against the rustic wood fence bordering her farm in the Kenyan highlands, majestic Mount Kenya a picturesque backdrop. The area has some of Kenya's most productive farmland, and some of its hardest working female farmers, says Shelmith, 34.

“Women are now dominating farming,” she says. She guesses 80% of farmers in her community are female. “Men here are supported by the women. The woman provides everything, even for the man. There's nothing she can do about it.”

High and volatile food prices push the urban and rural poor to the edge

Poor farming methods have contributed to food insecurityPoor farming methods have contributed to food insecurity

By Ben Kinyanjui

Our life has become much more difficult compared to last year.

I am always looking for work. It is not easy now that the price of everything has increased almost three fold. Sometimes we go to bed without having eaten anything.

These are words of Ms Mary Paul a farmer from Makueni district.“The only people who benefit from the higher maize prices are the traders. They buy maize in Tanzania and sell it here at a higher price. We do not grow maize here, our soil is not suitable.”

Global food prices soar leavings millions of people in the Horn of Africa hungry says World Bank

By Today Financial News Reporter

The East African region is one of the worst hit by the rising global food prices with maize prices having risen by over 100 per cent in Uganda and Rwanda.

High global food prices affecting the poorHigh global food prices affecting the poor

A report by the World Bank Food Price Watch, global food prices are at high levels and when combined with continued volatility, put the poorest people in the developing world at continued risk.

Tea Industry withers challenges to record impressive growth

By Romano Kiome

This is amply reflected in last year’s impressive performance that saw the country produce record volumes to earn unprecedented revenues
Last year, a total of 399 million Kgs were produced compared to 314 million Kgs in 2009.

Further, earnings rose by Sh28 Billion from Sh69 billion to Sh97 billion to register the highest performance recorded by the industry.


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