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  • Kenya smallholder tea farmers earn Sh63.6 billion from tea exports

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World Food Programme and African Union to develop risk management tool for emergency food relief

By Ben Kinyanjui


The World Food Programme (WFP) with support from a group of development agencies led by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is developing another risk-management tool to respond to food emergencies in Africa.WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran says tool to enable relief agencies to respond to crisis WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran says tool to enable relief agencies to respond to crisis

The UN agency is partnering with the African Union Commission while other donor agencies include Rockefeller Foundation, U.K. Department for International Development, and the World Bank.

Disease threatens to wipe out cassava in western Kenya

By Bob Koigi

Researchers and agricultural institutions are raising the alarm on a cassava disease they say is approaching epidemic proportions and now poses a food security threat to the over 200 million people in Sub Saharan Africa who depend on the tuber for food and income.Farmers admire a cassava cropFarmers admire a cassava crop

The outbreak of the Cassava Brown Streak Disease, which causes dry rot in the roots rendering them inedible, has defied existing research wisdom, with the disease that was traditionally believed to be confined to lowland coastal areas of Tanzania, now spreading rapidly to even relatively high altitude areas of Uganda and Kenya around the shores of Lake Victoria.

Rice farmers in Siaya adopts unique ways to store rice and avoid post harvest losses


By Bob Koigi


Rice farmers in Yala swamp in Siaya have cut their losses of rice to post-harvest damage by as much as 40 per cent, by using candles to create an airless vacumn for storing the rice seeds for their next crops.

The farmers are also using candle smoke as an ongoing deterrent to pest invasion of stored crops.

Debt-ridden Kenya Farmers Association makes another attempt to revive its fortune

By Brian Kinyanjui

After years of stagnation, the management and board of directors at the Kenya Farmers Association (KFA) has moved to unveil a strategic turnaround plan to revamp the firm into a vibrant customer centered organizaNBK is one of the banks trying to sell KFA assets over accumulated debtsNBK is one of the banks trying to sell KFA assets over accumulated debtstio n.

At the heart of the revival plan valued at more than Sh500 million crafted by the new management team led by Managing Director Simon Cherogony will be a strategic bid by the firm to ensure all its stores country wide are sufficiently stocked with affordable agricultural inputs.

International Potato Centre leads aggressive campaign to boost potato farming

By Bob Koigi


Kenyan farmers are among more than 15,000 potato farmers in East Africa set to benefit from a fast-track potato seed strategy that seeks to increase potato yields by 20 per cent.Potato farming is gaining popularity in KenyaPotato farming is gaining popularity in Kenya

The initiative, spearheaded by International Potato Center (IPC), is geared towards producing large numbers of minitubers through very rapid multiplication.

Kenya pledges to uphold food safety measures to boost exports to the European Union


By Ben Kinyanjui

Kenya will continue to adhere to food safety regulations recommended by the World Trade organisation (WTO) in an effort to secure its exports mainly to the European Union.Cut flowers are the main exports to the EU marketCut flowers are the main exports to the EU market

Trade PS Abdulrazaq Ali said the country is also working with partners within the East African Community to harmonise the regulations as the region integrate into a common market.

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