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  • Kenya smallholder tea farmers earn Sh63.6 billion from tea exports

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Revolution in agriculture coming, says President Uhuru Kenyatta

By FT News Writer and PPS

The Government will initiate an agricultural revolution that will transform farming in the country into a commercial enterprise.Agriculture remains the backbone of the economyAgriculture remains the backbone of the economy

President Uhuru kenyatta says although Kenyan farmers make meagre profits from their labour, the committed to ensure all farmers irrespective of landholding make a decent income out of agricultural activity.

China pledges to help Kenyan rice farmers to increase yields


China has offered to train Kenyan rice farmers in modern large-scale production techniques to raise their yield five-fold from the current paltry 50 tonnes per acre.Kenya can produce more rice farming using newer technologiesKenya can produce more rice farming using newer technologies

During President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tour of the China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI) in the southern Chinese city of Hangzhou, the Institute said that it was prepared to set up a model farm and research facility to assist Kenya meet its food security goals.

Cabinet secretary disowns GMOs import ban calls for review

By Ben Kinyanjui

Education, Science and Technology cabinet secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi want import ban on GMOs imposed by the former government last year lifted.Agriculture secretary Felix Kosgey must lead efforts to lift import banAgriculture secretary Felix Kosgey must lead efforts to lift import ban

Prof Kaimenyi says the ban was not supported by scientific evidence and should be reviewed the soonest possible.

Scientists to develop a more resistant coffee in the next one year

By Magali Moreau

States of emergency have been declared across Central America this year as coffee plants are being devastated by an aggressive fungal leaf disease.Coffee berry diseases common in KenyaCoffee berry diseases common in Kenya

The disease  known as la roya del café (coffee rust), has inflicted losses of nearly 3 million bags of coffee, representing over $500 million in market value.

Phase out highly hazardous pesticides, FAO urges developing countries

By Ben Kinyanjui

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is calling for total ban on highly hazardous pesticides because it has proven very difficult to ensure proper handling.Use of pesticides in common in KenyaUse of pesticides in common in Kenya

FAO says the tragic incident in Bihar, India, where 23 school children died after eating a school meal contaminated with monocrotophos, is an important reminder to speed up the withdrawal of highly hazardous pesticides from markets in developing countries.

Kenya among countries facing shortage of land professionals

By TF News Reporter

Kenya is among countries with the lowest number of land surveyors despite the numerous unresolved land cases, a new report by the World Bank now says.Most land in Kenya is not surveyedMost land in Kenya is not surveyed

The report, “Securing Africa’s Land for Shared Prosperity,” finds that Ghana, Kenya and Uganda each have fewer than 10 professional land surveyors per one million people, compared to 197 in Malaysia and 150 in Sri Lanka.

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